With over 20 years of experience and an extensive education, David Allingham, MD, MS is a leading physician serving the communities in and around Oakton, Virginia. At Cryo Body Doc, Dr. Allingham provides a variety of innovative treatments to help patients look their best and restore optimal functionality with effective, drug-free treatments for a variety of conditions. These treatments are focused on not only weight loss, but also improving quality of life relating to every inflammatory, insulin resistant, or autoimmune disorder. Dr. Allingham also helps patients with everything from neuroplasticity, including memory and sleep disorders, to erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction. From improving beyond average function to resolving actual dysfunction, Dr. Allingham uses regenerative care, including peptides, to enhance the body’s own production of growth hormone and get the stem cells from your own fat or youthful umbilical donors. Dr. Allingham has kept up with the changing landscape of medicine to help you avoid drugs and surgery.

Dr. Allingham earned his medical degree at Eastern Virginia Medical School of the College of Hampton Roads in Ghent, Virginia. He went on to serve his residency at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC.  He’s certified in advanced trauma life support, advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, and mini-liposuction.

“My master’s degree in physiology has always helped me understand why the body does what it does,” says Dr. Allingham. “If we work with it as a team, together we will establish the best possible programs to achieve and maintain the beautiful body you always wanted.”

Dr. Allingham is a member of the Medical Societies of Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland, the Virginia Pain Society, and the Cell Surgical Network®.

Dr. Allingham is committed to staying on top of emerging medical technologies and best practices to ensure he provides the best possible care to his patients. He’s passionate about building relationships with patients and supporting them on their journey toward improved health and wellness.